Say Goodbye to That Pesky Stump

Say Goodbye to That Pesky Stump

Rely on our team for top-notch stump grinding services in Granbury & Weatherford, TX

Tired of tripping over that stump in your yard? Call Manuel's Tree Trimming Service for stump grinding services in Granbury & Weatherford, TX. Our team will grind below ground level and backfill the hole to create a flat surface, taking care not to damage the rest of your yard. We're also mindful of any underground utility lines or sprinkler systems.

Rely on our stump removal service to make your dream yard possible - let the grass grow back or use your new space to install an outdoor addition, like a patio. The possibilities are endless when your yard is stump-free.

Get stump removal services in 3 simple steps

Our Granbury & Weatherford, TX team has the experience and equipment needed to provide stump grinding services quickly and safely. Getting this service at your home or business is as easy as:

  1. Call for a free estimate
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Let us do the heavy lifting

After we handle the stump removal, you can keep the wood chips for mulch or have us dispose of them for you.
Take the first step today by calling us at 817-894-5999 to schedule stump grinding services.